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  • The 2018 Best Executive MBA Programs Globally That Will

    best mba for tech entrepreneurs
    Photo credit This online MBA consists of 21 core credits and nine elective credits. Students will take courses in economics and managerial decision making, information systems and business analytics, accounting and value creation, and marketing management.
  • Top 25 Most Affordable Online MBA Programs 2018

    Dr. Sheelan Misra , Professor & Head, Department of Management Studies (MBA) The Master of Business Administration program at New Horizon College of Engineering is a two year full time autonomous program affiliated to Visvesvaraya Technological University.
  • TechBBQ 2018

    best mba for tech entrepreneurs
    Over the past 5 years, I’ve gotten to work with and participate in hundreds of the best online business courses in the world. During my time leading the marketing for daily free online business courses with the world’s top entrepreneurs on CreativeLive, I learned a thing or two about what it takes to produce high quality online business
  • The 10 MBA Courses Entrepreneurs Must Take - Business Insider

    best mba for tech entrepreneurs
    What the research shows: Perhaps best known as a college town (it’s the home of the University of Iowa), Iowa City is also a great place to live and ranks in the top 20 for affordable housing
  • The Best MBA Programs in Canada - » Touch MBA

    best mba for tech entrepreneurs
    What is TECHBBQ? TechBBQ is a two-day international tech-startup summit by and for the startup community. Every year a dedicated team works tirelessly to link entrepreneurs with the world, providing startup ecosystems with cutting edge insights, business opportunities and network. ‍ In 2018 the summit outgrew itself for the fourth year in a row.
  • Columbia professor says more MBA students want to become

    Many consider the Master of Business Administration (MBA) one of the most valuable degrees available to students and professionals today. In addition to serving as an advanced academic credential, the MBA gives graduates a wider range of career options and much greater earning potential.
  • Value of an MBA | Florida Institute of Technology

    You might have heard---on this site, no less---that an MBA is no longer pertinent to an entrepreneur. Some of the poster boys of entrepreneurial success--Bill Gates, Michael Dell, and Mark
  • PES University | Education for the real world

    Columbia psychology professor Tomas Chamorro-Premuzic says MBA students used to set their sights on corporate and tech giants, but now they want to become entrepreneurs. Research suggests that
  • Should Entrepreneurs Get an MBA? An Inside Perspective

    A list of the 10 richest tech entrepreneurs in Europe, because we know you just love lists, and we do too. Germany is very well represented, and SAP is almost like a country by itself.
  • The Best MBA Programs in Hong Kong - Head to Head

    best mba for tech entrepreneurs
    PESSAT is a PES scholastic Aptitude Test, for all types of courses examination conducted near by your places , for more information visit website
  • MBA | Financial Times -

    PES University, located in Bangalore, India is one of the countrys leading teaching and research universities. PES university is the one of the top leading universities in Bangalore
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